Building the technology infrastructure for the energy transition

EnerCloud is technology services and consulting company specialising in the Australian energy sector.

We bring together a unique blend of deep energy sector domain knowledge with cutting edge technology expertise to deliver bespoke end-to-end solutions. Our energy specialists will collaboratively scope out your project requirements, while our technology specialists will deliver a solution that is flexible, scalable and secure.

How we can help

Consulting and Advisory

  • Advise: we can help identify business needs, scope up requirements and act as a subject matter expert
  • Architect: we can help develop the most efficient fit-for-purpose IT architecture for your projects
  • Develop: we can build bespoke applications and technology solutions from the ground up to your specifications
  • Test: we can help rigorously test and troubleshoot newly built or modified solutions
  • Run: we can provide ongoing operational support and maintenance for any solutions we deliver

Digital Energy Platform
EnerCloud’s Digital Energy Platform is a flexible, modular and highly customisable energy technology solution that can meet a wide range of use cases:

  • Energy market trading and optimisation: participate in energy markets and/or optimise the dispatch of your energy assets
  • Real-time monitoring: of your energy assets such as generation and network assets
  • Settlements and invoicing: automate and streamline settlements and billing processes
  • Data analytics: collect, process and analyse data from a variety of sources including integration of both public and proprietary data sources
  • Forecasting: of demand or generation resources such as solar PV

Our Customers