Energy Market Systems

  • Bespoke solutions: Built to meet your requirements as either a market operator or user interacting with the market
  • Unlock new market services: Offer new services to the market (e.g. frequency control ancillary services)
  • Future readiness: Are your current systems capable of interacting with future changes to the market?

Energy Trading and Optimisation Platforms

  • Trading automation: Transition from using spreadsheets to manage day-to-day trading operations in the energy market
  • Systems integration: Automate manual processes to exchange data between systems that are not integrated
  • Uplift legacy systems: That are no longer supported or that you want to transition to the cloud
  • Systems development and IT infrastructure support: Focus on your core business and not having to maintain large in-house IT teams and developers

Energy Data and Analytics

  • Situational awareness: All of your relevant real-time data streams presented in integrated dashboards
  • Data analytics: Actionable insights from real-time public market data and your own private energy asset data
  • Data access: All of your data securely accessible from anywhere at any time