EnerCloud Digital Energy Platform
The Digital Energy Platform (DEP) is our flagship product that enables you to manage and optimise your operations, assets and data

EnerCloud’s DEP can run either on-premises or on cloud, is designed to support the transformation of the energy industry from traditional, centralised systems to more decentralised and digitised one. The platform is designed to be modular and scalable, which means you can choose the specific modules and features that meet your needs and enhance as your requirements change over time.

Digital Energy Platform Architecture
EnerCloud’s DEP is highly modularised and scalable ecosystem that can run anywhere. Some of the modules involved are described below:

  • Ingestion: aims to connect with the Broker to collect data originating from field or IoT devices and send this data to the Persistence module
  • Query: offers different operations to retrieve historical data provided by the field or IoT devices
  • Alert: is responsible for collecting alerts and propagates them to the final clients
  • Devices: aims to connect to IoT devices in order to send them Over the Air (OTA) updates and ensure the integrity of the field or IoT devices network.
  • Site & User Administration: manages the registration, removal, discovery and authentication of sites and system users.
  • Device Administration: manages the registration, removal, discovery and authentication of IoT devices
  • Security Monitoring: manages the real-time logs and analysis of communication between IoT and the modules to assist in identifying patterns of suspicious behavior