DataIQ WEM - the turnkey data platform for the WEM
WEM DataQ is our turnkey WEM cloud data solution that enables you to leverage big data technologies and pipelines in a way that’s scalable and cost-effective, without having to worry about all the fiddly (engineering) stuff.

Key features include:

  • A configurable and modern product developed by EnerCloud to solve WEM data warehouse challenges
  • Deployed on the Azure Cloud Platform and built-in with powerful self-service WEM reporting templates
  • Pre-populated with 5-min resolution WEM data from AEMO and other public third-party sources
  • Advanced data sets created by combining and processing AEMO data (e.g. generation mix, aggregate daily and monthly data, spot revenues and volume-weighted prices)
  • API access to query the data directly
  • Standard curated visualisation dashboards accessible via a web application
  • Costs of configuration will be fraction of what it would cost to develop internally
  • Tailorable Pricing – buy WEM DataQ as a perpetual license (you own the code) or as an ongoing software as a service (SaaS)

Try our public demo of WEM DataQ
The EnerCloud WEM dashboard provides a live visualisation of the WEM’s real-time markets, including all five essential system services markets (regulation raise / lower, contingency raise /lower and RoCoF control). Under the hood, the dashboard is powered by WEM DataQ, which automatically ingests the market data in near real-time and makes it available for visualisation.
Want to know more?
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