You Reap what you Sow

It’s no mystery that when you invest your time, effort and finances into something – whether that be relationships, skills, a goal, etc. – you will see your efforts produce a result of equal value.

This is no different within a workplace environment. Something so simple can be just as easily overlooked. We may hold the attitude that people in the workplace are simply motivated by getting the job done and collecting their check. But is this really sufficient motivation for staff to produce the best quality of work?

Simon Sinek, the creator of ‘The Golden Circle’ concept, says that it’s one thing to have a ‘what’ and ‘how’ for your organisation, but you also need a ‘why.’ When you have an organisation whose ‘why’ is plainly “to make money”, you will also attract people with the same mindset. At EnerCloud, our ‘why’ lies beyond the superficial, we value producing the best quality of work. This means that we attract staff with the same attitude. We as a company fill our staff’s ‘quality of life cup’ so they can out-pour the best quality of work.

We recently held our monthly Team Lunch – staff were encouraged to bring a share platter from their culture. With such a diverse workplace, we had many dishes most of us had never heard of or tasted. The opportunity to share our culture, and to open up on a level that surpasses the usual work talk; brought a stronger bond in the workplace that day. By the end of the lunch, people even offered for others to take home the platters they’d brought!

When you give special attention to the team and co-worker relationship, the result is a healthy work environment where you will notice an increase in the quality of work produced (Anitha, 2014). We have sensed a shift in attitude in the workplace; staff encouraging each other, previously quieter staff coming out of their shell, as well as people saying how grateful they are for the effort we put into creating a healthy work environment.

The more effort you put into your staff and work environment, the higher the quality of staff output.


Anitha, J. (2014). Determinants of employee engagement and their impact on employee performance. International journal of productivity and performance management63(3), 308-323.